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1.Dental amalgam phase down

CEJAD is promoting the phase down of dental amalgam and shift to alternatives in Kenya in order to reduce environmental exposure of harmful effects of mercury released from the dental sector. 

Since 2013 Countries that aim to become a party to the Minamata Convention on Mercury are encouraged as part of its ratification process to conduct a Mercury Initial Assessment (MIA). MIA enables a country to determine what is needed in order to ratify the Convention and, subsequently, to provide a basis for the development and implementation of phase down/out strategies for Mercury and Mercury Added Products (MAPs).

CEJAD dental amalgam phase down program contributes to the global initiative to promote dental amalgam phase down and shift to alternatives to reduce the anthropogenic releases of mercury in accordance with the Minamata Convention on Mercury, signed in 2013 as a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. The convention’s annex A has a special focus on mercury added products and part II of the annex addresses the issue of dental amalgam which calls for parties to “phase down the use of dental amalgam”. The convention lists measures to phase down amalgam use and instructs nations to undertake two or more of the measures.

Projects and Activities












Technical workshop on review of draft  dental amalgam  phase down  guidelines and  national oral health policy

With financial support from World alliance for mercury free dentistry, CEJAD implemented the above project.

The following were the main activities undertaken.

1. Bilateral meetings held with the relevant ministries, departments and relevant stakeholders pertaining to the project

2.technical workshop on review of draft  dental amalgam  phase down  guidelines and  national oral health policy

3.World oral health day