Dental Amalgam

CEJAD in partnership with World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry is implementing a project Promoting Dental Amalgam phase down and shift to alternatives in Kenya. The project’s aim is to promote the dental amalgam phase down and shift to alternatives in Kenya by ensuring participation of NGOs in the East Africa Dental Amalgam Phase II project to influence the development of the action plan for the project in line with phase down approaches set out in articles of the Minamata Convention on mercury.

The project also seeks to promote awareness creation

Education on the environmental impacts of dental mercury

The need for dental amalgam phase down and use of alternatives

CEJAD wahili brochure on dental mercury

What is Amalgam

Dental restoration is a common technique to treat dental caries. Left untreated, dental caries often leads to severe pain or discomfort, eventually requiring the removal of affected teeth. Dental amalgam is a widely employed restorative material that contains approximately 50% mercury (WHO 2011)

Preventive Measures

The relationship of oral health to overall health is so important. Preventive dental care is the best option for oral health. There is need to adopt effective oral hygiene programs. Most importantly, visit your dentist and INSIST on Mercury- Free Alternatives for Dental Restorations.


Campaign Objectives

  1. Creating awareness to Kenyan Public on dental amalgam (mercury) emissions pathways and consequent environmental Impacts as well as on the available non polluting alternatives for dental restorations and their associated benefits. (Download Awareness Materials here)
  2. Promoting engagement and networking of NGOs with stakeholders such as the policy makers towards setting objectives for dental amalgam phase down
  3. Highlight the environmental and health benefits of mercury-free dentistry

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