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CEJAD At Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Tunisia

CEJAD represented by Programmes coordinator, honored to speak at Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Tunisia green lectures to launch the Plastic Atlas as international expert.

CEJAD Kenya meets its target groups of Wasini Island
CEJAD Kenya meets its target groups of Wasini Island to discuss the plan and construction of sites where the upscaling of "waste" especially plastics will take place. The community members are happy to take part in the construction of these sites
Local Training and Assessing Mercury Contamination in ASGM Communities.

CEJAD in collaboration with fellow IPENers, NEXUS 3 Foundation, Indonesia and AGENDA, Tanzania supported by IPEN conducted a local level training in Migori, Kenya to health care service providers on assessing mercury contamination and harm in ASGM communities in Kenya. The training was conducted as part of the Children's Health Intervention in Mercury Polluted Environments (CHIME) program, pioneered by Nexus 3 Foundation.

CEJAD conducts Mid Term Review of the GEF-SGP Project on waste management in Wasini island.
Mid Term Review of the project "Integrating Value chain in Sustainable Solid Waste management at Wasini Island, Kenya" together with community members, target groups and the Project Committe members.
Community Target Groups Wasini Island Villages
CEJAD involves the community target groups of Wasini Island villages in decision making on the type of structure they would prefer to use for the construction of their community's Material Recycling Facility
Third Adhoc Expert Group Bangkok, Thailand
CEJAD Inspiring to work with NGO colleagues breakfreefromplastic to combat problem of plastic pollution at the 3rd adhoc expert group on Marine litter and Mcroplastics in Bangkok, Thailand.
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