Elimination Of Lead Paints

Introduction To Lead Paint Elimination

Lead is a soft metal that has been used widely in metal products, pipelines, cables, pesticides, cosmetics and paints. It is a  toxic metal that poses damaging effects on human health when exposed to it  through lead contaminated food, air and water leading to lead poisoning. This in turn leads to accumulation of lead in the body which affects the reproductive, hematological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal systems.

Children are the most affected by the harmful effects of lead poisoning as they are easily exposed from objects such as toys, deteriorating lead paint from walls, doors, windows and contaminated soil. Children absorb lead at higher rates as compared to adults resulting in irreversible health effects that affect development of the brain and nervous system. This leads to children experiencing lower IQ, decreased ability to pay attention and underperformance at school.

In support of elimination of lead from paints, Centre for Environment Justice and Development has collaborated with its partners in carrying out projects and activities that intend to ensure lead in paint is phased out in Kenya.

We Aim To

  • Phase out manufacture and sale of paints containing lead in Kenya.
  • Eliminate risks posed by lead in paints to the environment and human health, especially on children.

We Do This By

  • Creating awareness on the hazards of lead on human health and environment, especially risks posed to children.
  • Conducting studies/research on the availability and sale of lead containing paints in Kenya to inform policy making and implementation on chemicals.
  • Engaging the manufacturers of paints on the need to phase out lead paints and embrace safe alternatives as well as Lead Safe Paint® Certification Program.

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