Mercury Free Dentistry

Introduction To Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam has been used for more than a century in the dental industry to fill decaying teeth to strengthen and prevent removal. Dental amalgam is composed of 50% mercury which is a toxic metal that has potential to cause harmful health effects such as tremors, nerve damage, respiratory and kidney failure.

The alternatives to dental amalgam are readily available and safe; they include Composite and glass ionomer and compomer.

Mercury free dentistry campaign has been initiated by CEJAD in order to realize the objective of protecting human health and the environment from anthropogenic sources of mercury, the specific objective is to phase down dental amalgam use in the country and shift to alternatives.

We Aim To

  • Promote the phase down of dental amalgam and shift to alternatives in Kenya in order to reduce environmental exposure of harmful effects of mercury released from the dental sector.

We Do This By

  • Carrying out awareness and sensitization of the Kenyan public on the dangers of dental mercury and benefits of mercury free dental restorations.
  • Media outreach to hep inform the public and stakeholders on the dangers of dental mercury and its impacts to human health and environment.
  • Policy advocacy to promote the implementation of the phase down measures as per the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

Projects in this Programme

Towards Phase Out of Dental Amalgam Use in Children and Pregnant Women and the Implementation of Minamata Convention Phase Down Measures in Kenya

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